Now forget anything about “make money online”. To make money online… I mean run an online business, you need to sell something (your product or your affiliate product). I recommend you to start with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online by promoting the products of another company for a commission on each sale you generate.

People who promote products in this manner are called “affiliates”, or sometimes “part-ners” or “associates”. Most affiliates promote products through their websites or email lists, but you’re not restricted to these methods: Basically, anywhere you can put a website address or a hyperlink can be turned into a promotional vehicle — the only limit is your imagination.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a pyramid-selling scheme, and it’s not a tool for scammers and spammers. Affiliates are regular people looking to earn some extra cash from their websites, or individuals wanting a serious work-at-home business that they can perform from anywhere in the world, with serious earning potential.

  1. When we say “affiliate marketing” we’re actually talking about a bunch of things:
  2. Finding good products to promote
  3. Building websites
  4. Conducting market research
  5. Creative ways to promote your products

Finally Get Traffic To The Products

Here some ways

  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • seo
  • paid media

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