There are times when existing software is good, but could really use certain improvements.

Day by day the expectations towards software and web applications are increasing.

You can make these improvements and either sell them to the company, or sell them to users of the programs.

You also can take open source software and web applications make relevant, required and in demand changes and then find client and sell it.

In order for you to make money with this, here are some steps you can take:

-> You can start your own website and advertise on the services offered. You can advertise in websites or forums, social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods (you can outsource a lot of this to Burn Your To Do List if you don’t have the time or know how).

-> You can get registered in sites that offer similar services

-> Check sites like,, and to see if anyone is asking for this.

How much money can I make?

This will depend on the software you work with, how many modifications you make, and if you’re being paid hourly or per project. You can expect $10 an hour or more, usually.