Basically you rank websites with affiliate offers. It’s the best what’s out there because it requires little to no money.

It is easy to make $20 to $50 a day online, but first you need to know some things.

The best way to make $20 to $50 or more a day is selling products online as an affiliate.

Think of this, if there are a product on any affiliate network like clickbank and the product price is $100, and your affiliate commission is %50. it means, when you make a sale, you will get $50 as a commission. what about 2 or 3 sales? you can make $150 a day with 3 sales. it is very easy… Right!

All you need to do is search for a good product at any affiliate network with high price to get big commission as an affiliate and start promote it. you need 1 sale to get you target.

Here is a quick guide, that’s how i do it:

  1. Pick a niche (look for niches where are affiliate products, find them on on this blog, from luxury yacht rentals to viagra and golf haha)
  2. Do some research on competitors (The best guide for keyword researchand quick seo ultimate guide both aren’t mine but these guys give a lot of their knowledge for free)
  3. Buy hosting and domain- best deal here 35$ (billed annually) for domain and hosting ——-Join
  4. Write nice SEO-friendly articles( this is crucial part, it will make you money and also teach you the most important skill in business – HOW TO SELL), if you can’t or don’t have skill to do it, simply outsource it; use Fiverr or Konker – A Freelance Market For Those Who Bring Home The Bacon
  5. After site is 1 month old you can start playing with backlinks, doing guest posts etc.
  6. Schedule all these steps on weekly basics ( MON- step 1, TUE- step 2 etc) and after 3–5months you will see some results.take care and go to work. you can make millions, it just takes time and hard work.