Start an affiliate product price compare or product review site is the cheapest and most trusted way to make money.

below are the steps to create a successful affiliate product compare and review site.

1. Go to and find as many product as possible within your chosen niche

2. Go to other top few market places like amazon and find the same products

3. Copy the URL and product type into an Excel spreadsheet for every product that you find

4. Try to gather as many different products as possible and put them all into the spreadsheet

5. At least 100 different products but the more the better

6. Create a WordPress blog

7. Sign up for Amazon’s and other market places affiliate program

8. Start writing articles that compare the price, show features and ratings and reviews for each one of the products

9. If you find use full price compare or reviews plugin for wordpress will be better.

10. You can start writing only price compare or review or you can go for both.

11. Write at least 1 articles per day that target a new product

12. Do this for the next 6 months (or until you run out of products to review)

13. By this time you should be ranking for keywords and bringing in organic traffic

14. This should lead to people buying the products you are reviewing throughout your content

15. Continue doing this until you have nothing left to write about.

16. Either hold onto the site for monthly cash flow OR sell the site on flippa.